January Update

What is coming up in 2019, the government's 'Good Work Plan' and the latest in the Uber employment status case
I thought it would be useful to give you a quick summary of what is coming up in 2019 so here is a breakdown of the key employment developments scheduled for 2019. These changes include the annual increases in national minimum wage (NMW) rates and statutory sick pay (SSP), as well as brand new initiatives such as settled status applications for EU workers post-Brexit.

In late December, the government introduced their Good Work Plan outlining a number of proposals aimed at strengthening workers’ rights, whilst also increasing the administrative requirements to be placed on organisations in the future.

And finally for this month, the latest in the gig economy employment status claims where, in the case of Uber v Aslam, the Court of Appeal (CA) were tasked with deciding whether the true nature of the employment relationship between Uber drivers and the organisation rendered them ‘workers’ or ‘self-employed independent contractors’.
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