June HR Update

Balancing work and family commitments, BAME employees being asked to use more 'western' sounding names at work and the nurse who was fairly dismissed after discussing religion with patients

Balancing work and family commitments

The balancing act between work and family can be difficult for parents and carers.  It can also be difficult for small businesses who need to play a key role in supporting their employees at these times whilst ensuring business needs continue to be met.

Many parents will qualify for maternity, paternity or shared parental leave, allowing them to spend quality time at home with their child. We can provide polices and advice to help you negotiate the complexities of family friendly legislation.

If an employee tells you she is pregnant, you will need to do a pregnancy risk assessment.  And don’t forget to keep in regular contact with those on family friendly leave, writing to them congratulating them on the birth of their baby, informing them of developments affecting their work or confirming their expected return date.

Becoming parents for the first time also increases the likelihood of staff needing to take unpaid time off for dependants when they do eventually return to work, whilst new parents or carers for elderly relatives, for example, may also explore their right to request flexible working to help schedule work around their family commitments.

Have you ever encouraged a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) employee to use a more ‘western’ sounding name at work?

Did you hear about the recent study that revealed over a third of BAME employees had been asked to do so at least once in their career. Read more about this here.

Case law

In Kuteh v Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, the Court of Appeal were tasked with determining whether a nurse was fairly dismissed after discussing religion with patients.  Read more here.

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