HR & Employment Law

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Our consultants are all commercially aware experts, experienced in working with SME companies. We will provide you with whatever operational and administrative HR support you need, whilst ensuring you remain compliant with employment legislation.

Services you might need:

Complying with employment law

We understand that for any small or medium sized business that employs people, the employment law obligations can be quite daunting. We will make sure that you have compliant policies and procedures, keep you up-to-date with current legislation and provide you with appropriate advice and support when you need it.

Contracts of employment & employee handbook

Every employee, regardless of the size of your business, is entitled to receive as a minimum, a statement of their main terms of employment within two months of joining your company.

To avoid uncertainty or dispute between you and your employees about the terms and conditions of employment, we will produce your contracts of employment, making sure you comply with legislation and protect your business.

Your employee handbook supports the contractual provisions by containing policies that are relevant to your business.  This is where you have the opportunity to set out your company’s own rules and provide your employees with appropriate information about how your business operates and the rights that they have under current employment legislation.

We will work with you to establish what policies and information should be contained in your employee handbook, write the handbook for you, guide you in how to apply your policies and help you to communicate them effectively to your employees.

Discipline & grievance

Dealing with a disciplinary or grievance issue is stressful and upsetting for everyone involved, including those not directly involved but who may be aware of what is happening or even find themselves caught up as witnesses.

We will help you deal with any discipline or grievance issue you are facing by guiding you every step of the way and providing you with the letters you will need to send to your employee, whilst complying with your policies and procedures and the Acas Code of Practice.

If you need more hands on help we will do that also by carrying out any investigations, holding meetings with employees or supporting you during meetings.

Termination of employment

Whatever the reason for employment coming to an end, whether it be redundancy, conduct or capability dismissal or resignation, for example, there is a right way to do things. We will help you to manage the process fairly, complying with employment legislation, whilst not forgetting to support those that are left behind.

Sickness absence management

Every employer wants a fit and healthy workforce and adopting a proactive approach to employee wellbeing is always a good thing. However, if sickness absence is becoming a problem, we will work with you to understand and address the causes.

Managing sickness absence itself can be a minefield, whether it be short term frequent absence or long term absence; sickness absence during pregnancy or disability-related sickness with obligations to make reasonable adjustments.

We will provide you with tools and training to manage sickness absence, as well as advice and support, ensuring that you comply with legislation.

This includes supporting you through the government’s referral and assessment service, Fit for Work. Under the service employers and GPs can refer long-term sickness absence cases to the Fit for Work service for bespoke telephone advice.

Equal opportunities & avoiding discrimination

It is important that you provide equality of opportunity through all stages of the employment relationship, starting with your recruitment and selection procedures.

We will work with you to design and implement systems and procedures that are fair, transparent and comply with legal requirements. We will also carry out equal opportunities training for all employees.

We will advise and support you in all aspects of equal opportunities, how to avoid discrimination claims and how to deal with any complaints of potential discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

Harassment & bullying

Harassment or bullying in the workplace is extremely distressing and has become quite a ‘hot topic’ with the growth of social media. Left to fester it will quickly become culturally acceptable and difficult to address.

We will help you to investigate any claims of bullying or harassment and take appropriate action, meeting your legal and duty of care obligations, whilst working with you to embrace a workplace culture where such behaviour is not tolerated.

Family friendly policies: maternity, paternity, shared parental leave and flexible working

There is a raft of family friendly employee rights, with most recent changes including the introduction of shared parental leave from April 2015. This is an area of employment legislation that the government is committed to strengthening but it is complex with a potentially onerous administration burden.

We are here, not only to help you ensure that you comply with the legislation, but also to help you manage the process and support your employees, whilst taking some of that burden away for you.

TUPE transfer or redundancy

If you are buying or selling the whole or part of a business or are involved in a service provision change, there is a good chance that the employees involved will be subject to the TUPE regulations. This can be an incredibly de-stabilising experience but we are here to make sure you comply with your legal obligations, including the consultation process, and to provide whatever support and guidance you and employees need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

A redundancy situation is also a very stressful time but, again, we will help you to meet you legal obligations and manage the consultation process with understanding and consideration of the impact on those affected, as well as providing support for those left behind.

Employment Tribunals

With the right support to help you comply with employment legislation and good people management practices, you will minimise the risk of receiving an Employment Tribunal claim. However, if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself facing such a claim, we work with experienced and trusted legal advisors so that you will receive the best advice and support you need.

HR administration

Because we know that HR admin can be quite a burden for a small business, we’ve partnered with breatheHR so that we can offer their online HR system to you.

breatheHR keeps all your employee information in one central place and automates all those time consuming HR admin tasks. Designed with small businesses in mind it has the functionality a growing business needs to manage their people.