Managing people & performance

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In order to fully support the business to meet its goals and objectives, integrated people management processes need to be developed and implemented that will support the overall business strategy and fit together to drive that strategy.

Our consultants have many years’ experience, working across a broad range of organisations in the private, public and third sectors, designing and implementing tailored people management processes. We will work closely with you to ensure that we add value because we want to see your business benefit from effective people management practices.

Services you might need:

Company Values & Culture

Your organisation’s Values are those beliefs held so strongly that they drive people’s behaviour and dictate how people interact with and treat each other. Values, together with their defined behaviours, set the minimum expectation of behaviour for everyone, and help to lay the groundwork for your Company’s Culture.

By working to define and embed your Values and Culture, your employees will start to understand the behaviours that are expected of them, which are then managed within an integrated performance management strategy.

Performance management/appraisal

Performance management is a continuous process of planning, doing and reviewing. It is important to have well designed jobs and effective communication between you and your employees so that they know and understand what is expected of them, are supported and have the ability to deliver on those expectations.

As well as designing and implementing suitable performance management systems that support the growth of your business, such as defining roles & responsibilities, designing competency frameworks, appraisals, objective setting, performance development plans, etc., we will also help you to manage all manner of performance problems.  These could include, for example, sickness absence, poor conduct or behaviour, not meeting deadlines, producing sub-standard work, etc.

Recruitment & selection

Making sure that you employ the right people with the right skills and attitude isn’t always easy.  And without the benefit of robust selection processes, properly drafted job specifications and good interviewing skills, it can become little more than a lottery.  Getting it wrong is costly in terms of management time, training, loss of productivity, as well as actual recruitment costs.

We will implement effective recruitment and selection processes for you and train you and your managers in how to recruit and select the right employees for your company, including training or coaching in interviewing skills.  Or we will take it completely off your hands and undertake the recruitment for you.


The introduction that a new recruit gets to your company can make the difference between you having a long, productive working relationship and it going badly wrong resulting in them leaving, voluntarily or not, very soon after joining you.  A well thought through and comprehensive induction process, covering the first weeks, or even months, of employment, will help settle a new employee and ensure they become productive team members as quickly as possible.

Conduct & capability

If you are trying to manage a performance issue, it is important to distinguish between conduct and capability, i.e. is it a case of “won’t do” (conduct) or “can’t do” (capability)? How you manage that issue will depend greatly on the answer to that question.

Similarly, if you are intending to dismiss an employee, you will need to be very clear what the reasons for dismissal are and ensure that you have followed a fair process.

We will help you to make that distinction and manage the issue appropriately, with the aim being to bring performance back to an acceptable standard or, if that is not going to be possible, to dismiss fairly.

Reward & recognition

Reward and recognition shouldn’t be based on how nice you want to be to your employees; it should reinforce and reward the important outcomes you want for your business.  The best way to do this is to make it a strategic imperative that is aligned with your Company’s Values.

We will work with you to design and implement an integrated reward and recognition strategy, from bonus schemes to salary reviews, that engage and motivate your employees to deliver on your desired outcomes.

Communication & consultation

Effective communication is an essential element to achieving business outcomes. It supports the smooth running of the organisation, successful change programmes and good leadership on vision, strategy and values.

It is also a critical aspect of employee engagement, which in turn, promotes better performance, employee retention and wellbeing. Employees are more engaged when information flows freely and they are aware of organisational activities and management decisions that affect their jobs.